What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Have you ever had a dental emergency? The discomfort and scare that set in when you’re eating something and you hear a tooth crunch, or realize a filling has fallen out can be jolting. What’s worse is sharp, thumping pain that suddenly starts in your mouth during the middle of the night. All of these situations can be scary- especially when they catch you off guard.

Dealing with a dental emergency doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some things to do in a dental emergency.

Understand the Problem

If you can visibly see an issue with your teeth, it will be easier to describe your emergency to the dentist. However, in cases where you may be bleeding or in pain, it’s important to decipher whether or not your condition extends beyond dental care and requires medical attention. Typically if you’re unable to breathe, can’t stop bleeding, or make it to the dentist office altogether, this means there’s a bigger issue that would be best addressed in an emergency room or medical visit.

Take Immediate Care

Again, depending on the emergency issue with your teeth, there may be a chance to save it. But you’ll need to act quickly. Rinsing the mouth, keeping it clean, and saving a fallen or broken tooth are all important to think about during an emergency as your dentist may be able to save it under the right conditions.

Schedule an Appointment

The worst thing you can do when an injury of any kind happens, is to ignore it or put off getting help. If you have a dental emergency, you should let you dentist know or call for help from another expert referral (if your dentist office is closed) so you can follow proper instructions on emergency care.

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