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Tips to Avoid Scary Dental Issues This Halloween

Halloween is the start of consecutive holidays that are centered on food and treats. While it’s a great reason for fun and bonding with family and friends, it can also be a really scary time for your teeth if you’re not careful.

This year it’s predicted that U.S. consumers will be spending more than ever on candy and costumes. $2.7 billion is predicted to be spent on candy alone this year.

If you want to spare yourself the aches and issues that will show up later, here are a few tips to skip terrifying dental issues this Halloween.

Eat in Moderation

As with anything that we indulge in in life, we must keep it in moderation. The same is true for candy and sweets. It’s very easy to get out of control when there is a giant bowl of goodies sitting in front of you, or candy everywhere you turn – which is typically the case for Halloween. And since it’s not just the children indulging in the candy bowl, now’s a great time to practice self-control. It can be tricky to resist temptation but delineating between reasonable and over consumption is a life-long skill you’ll want to practice and demonstrate to your children.

Keep Mouth Clean

When it comes to tooth decay, there is no worse culprit than sugar that sits for too long on the tooth’s surface. Think about it, if you’re eating a giant amount of candy after a long night of trick or treating and going to bed soon after, that means all of that dangerous content is sitting in your mouth for much too long. Even waiting until the morning to brush it off is too long, the damage will already be done. Swishing some water in your mouth while eating candy may also help to wash some of the sugar away instead of sitting on and between your teeth while you eat it. Brushing and flossing will be the best options.

Skip the Candy

Candy isn’t the only culprit to oral issues. Other sugary drinks and sodas or even hard food items like candied apples can wreak havoc on the teeth. If you’d rather avoid the frightening outcome, consider opting for alternatives to candy for this Halloween. Kids and adults can still enjoy and passing out sentiments without it having to be candy. Cheap novelty toys and games for example can still be fun, without the aches.

Scheduling regular dental visits is the best way to keep your family’s oral health in check. If you’re in the Wallingford, CT area and looking for a dentist, contact us today – we’d love to help!