thanksgiving food table

Thanksgiving Dental Health

Now that Halloween and the fear of candy harming our teeth has passed, there are more holidays approaching that cannot be ignored. The upcoming Thanksgiving and following Christmas, Hanukkah and other festivities, do more than just bring together families and increase gift buying.

All of these events are also an opportunity to indulge in foods we may only see one time each year. In addition to the threat to our midsection, some of these foods and can also harm our oral health. If you’re looking to keep your teeth healthy this Thanksgiving, here are some tips to consider.


Like any other day of the week, eating sugary foods like desserts and drinks in small amounts, or avoiding them all together is key. At Thanksgiving, there will likely be an endless supply of pies and cookies on the table. If you reach for those to satisfy your pumpkin pie craving, be sure to also excuse yourself from the table and brush afterwards to fight any acid attacking tooth enamel.


Thanksgiving is a holiday when starches are pretty hard to avoid. Everything from fresh baked dinner rolls to gravy can contain it. But starch can wreak havoc on your teeth the same way sugar does, by attacking enamel and causing decay. Be sure to drink water with your meals and swish it around your mouth as you eat to break up and keep food particles from sitting in between your teeth.

Get Up From the Table

Even if you try to practice healthy choices at the dinner table and stay away from certain foods on Thanksgiving, you can still do harm if you don’t realize just how long you’ve been sitting and eating. It’s easy when the family is gathered around the table to lose track of time, enjoying each other’s company, but eating and talking could add up to a few hours at the table and that is far too long for your teeth to have food moving through them with no break. Schedule some periodic walks away from the table. Go for stroll, take your conversation over to the fireplace, and give yourself some time to floss and brush before the next serving.

As we enter the holiday season, it’s a good idea to get dentist cleanings for the year booked as well. Contact Fried Dentistry to request your next appointment.