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Protect Your Teeth, Avoid These Super Bowl Party Foods

On Sunday, February 4, the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots will face off for Super Bowl LII. While the game will be an intense competition to watch, there are other reasons people attend Super Bowl parties like the food! It’s true. Super Bowl parties have become a popular way to gather friends, host a party and eat snacks while watching the game and famous half-time show.

But before you head out to the festivities this year, you may want to think twice about what foods you’ll be opting for if you want to keep your teeth healthy.

Here is a look at the most common party foods, what you should avoid, and substitutions to keep your teeth safe this Super Bowl.

Hot Wings

hot wingsProbably one of the most popular foods offered at all Super Bowl parties, hot wings seem like a safe option. They don’t have sugar on them and it’s not a carbohydrate. But not so fast. Depending on the sauce the chicken wings are smothered in, there could be sugar (honey barbecue wings) or acid (hot sauce) that is making direct contact with your teeth every time you bite into the chicken wings. The amount of acid in hot wings equates to biting right into a lemon – and we all know how bad that can be for your teeth’s enamel. If you still must include this staple, we suggest leaving the chicken bare and seasoned to reduce the chances of hurting your teeth.


nachosNachos are the epitome of junk food bliss. They are a chip, cheese, dip and fresh salsa all baked into one mouthwatering dish. And they are commonly offered at Super Bowl festivities along with some fresh guacamole. These and other potato chip and dip combinations can all wreak havoc on your teeth by creating bacteria in the mouth that leads to tooth decay. If you prefer something crunchy to snack on while you watch the half-time advertisements, opt for a platter of raw veggies and dip to indulge in instead.


beerThis may not be a food you eat, but what’s a Super Bowl party without beer? Since it’s nearly impossible to avoid the alcoholic beverage on this day, keep in mind that like soda, the acid in these carbonated beverages will wear down the enamel on your teeth over time and leave you susceptible to decay. Craft beers may be a better option as hops includes antibacterial properties.


Even if you find yourself celebrating and over indulging this year, you can still help diminish any ill effects on your teeth by keeping your mouth clean. Swish water throughout the night and brush and floss before heading to bed. Don’t forget to also schedule regular visits with a dentist you can trust.