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Your tooth has live tissue inside of it called the pulp, which senses hot, cold, and pressure.  It also has a blood supply and is capable of creating calcified dentin material inside the tooth. The pulp is important during the life of the tooth to form the tooth roots and to help make it strong. However, if the pulp becomes damaged either by decay or trauma, a root canal may be indicated. Sometimes, the tooth slowly and quietly dies without any symptoms, and an abscess develops. This is generally observed during routine examinations, and a root canal is indicated to save the tooth.

If the tooth is attacked by decay, the pulp is traumatized.  A filling may create more trauma, and the cumulative trauma to the pulp may cause irreparable inflammation. Tooth pain may occur during this phase, and a root canal may be recommended.  Unfortunately, root canals have a bad reputation as being painful. However, modern advances in dental technology have made the process much more comfortable.

After thorough examination, Dr. Fried will anesthetize the tooth.

Once the patient is comfortable, the tooth is isolated with a rubber dam. Dr. Fried then uses special files to clean the infection and unhealthy pulp out of the canals. Medication may be inserted into the pulp area to fight bacteria.

The cleaned canals are then filled with a permanent material to help keep them free from infection or contamination, and the root canal is completed, generally without any discomfort. In some cases, the tooth may need to have a post placed for extra support, and a crown placed to rebuild the tooth.

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