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Dental Exams

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Comprehensive Dental Exams for New Patients

Fried Dentistry performs thorough evaluations for new patients. During your first visit, we review your medical and dental history and discuss any questions and concerns you may have. Diagnostic x-rays are taken in order to detect present cavities, missing teeth, tooth fractures, and any other dental issues.

During these exams, we evaluate and record the current state of your mouth, gums, and teeth and perform an oral cancer evaluation. Your gums will also be measured for any sign of inflammation or recession. Our office takes pride in our high standards for care and thoroughness.

This initial visit is the foundation for a very honest and open relationship between our office and our patients, and it allows for a comprehensive discussion about any necessary future treatment. With your input, together we make decisions on your personal treatment plan, taking into account your desired goals, the prognosis of each option, and your financial situation.

Periodic Dental Checkups for Returning Patients

We perform periodic oral evaluations during your regular hygiene visit. A comprehensive evaluation is performed to determine any changes in your dental and medical status. We practice holistic comprehensive dentistry and evaluate your teeth, gums, soft tissue, and bony structures to inform you of your oral health conditions.

During your evaluation, we check for signs of cavities, infections, periodontal disease, and cancer. Your hygienist will re-measure your gums to check for any signs of inflammation. This exam includes an oral cancer screening, periodontal screening, and patient education for good oral hygiene practices.

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