Partial & Full Dentures Wallingford

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We create full dentures and partial dentures to replace missing teeth and help create beautiful smiles.  Often a new set of dentures will rejuvenate a patient’s entire face and take years off their appearance. We also provide immediate dentures, which are dentures that are placed at the time of extractions, so our patients never have to go without teeth.

Our dentures are custom fabricated at a specialty laboratory here in Connecticut.  Our office can discuss and show you a variety of dentures in materials that are now available.

Teeth In A Day (Implants)

When a tooth is lost, and the patient wants to replace it with an implant supported crown, the procedure may be able to be accomplished in a single day, at least to get a temporary crown on the tooth.  Although the tooth still needs time to heal and the patient must be careful when biting and speaking, it offers the patient a chance to have an esthetic replacement tooth without having to have a removable partial denture while the implant is healing.

There are multiple factors which determine if you are a candidate, and you should speak with Dr Fried if you are interested.

Hybrid Dentures. All-On-Four

Technology allows us to place implants and attach dentures to the implants, making teeth feel and function like your natural teeth.  During the procedure, a denture is placed on the implants and screwed into place, creating a beautiful smile and allowing natural function.

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