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Dental Implants & Tooth Replacement Wallingford

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A dental implant replaces a missing tooth to prevent the surrounding teeth from filling the gap and disrupting your bite and jaw alignment. The oral surgeon fills the new gap by surgically inserting a titanium tooth root in your jaw to hold a replacement tooth. Designed with meticulous care, your implant will be a custom fit and won’t wiggle or shift. Unlike a bridge, the replacement tooth connects directly to your jaw bone and does not require your other teeth to hold it in place.

As mentioned earlier, titanium is used to replace the root of the tooth because this material is able to biochemically join to the bone, allowing a bond that more accurately replicates a natural tooth.

Most dental implant surgery is performed at a specialist’s office (such as a periodontist or oral surgeon). The final restoration, when the implant crown is placed on the implant, is completed at our office. We work closely with several different specialty offices in our area.

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