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Dental Bridges

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When a gap is created from one or more missing teeth, Dr. Fried may insert a dental bridge. Using a combination of crowns, a dental bridge fills the gap to prevent teeth from shifting, creating a bad bite, or causing jaw misalignment. They also serve a cosmetic purpose by filling the gap with a natural-looking replacement tooth. This replacement tooth is called a “pontic,” and it is held in place with crowns cemented to the surrounding natural teeth, called abutments.

Dental bridges can help:

  • Restore your smile
  • Improve your chewing and speaking abilities
  • Maintain your face’s shape
  • Ensure even pressure when biting down
  • Prevent surrounding teeth from shifting into the gap

Dental bridges can be made out of many types of materials, but your choice should depend on the bridge’s location in your mouth, its function, cosmetic differences, and affordability. Dr. Fried will thoroughly discuss your options and plans to ensure the treatment and results you desire.

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