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What to Do If You Need a Tooth Pulled

If you’ve ever sat up at night with excruciating pain coming from your mouth, then you know that sometimes having your teeth pulled is inevitable. While it’s never the first choice option, when there are issues like decay or disease, it could be the only way to alleviate pain. The only way to know for sure of course, is to go to the dentist. If after careful examination and consideration, the decision has been made that the tooth will need to be pulled, here are some things you should know.

Take Antibiotics

If there is an infection already happening, your dentist will probably prescribe antibiotics to aid in clearing that up. But even if there isn’t one already present, you should take antibiotics when getting a tooth extraction anyway to alleviate the increased risks of an infection that could happen if bacteria comes in contact with fresh, open wound where the tooth once was. The antibiotics should be taken before and after having your tooth pulled for extra precaution.


It’s also recommended that patients do not eat or drink anything before their surgery or for a few hours after the tooth has been pulled. You’ll likely have gauze holding down the area that once had your tooth as the wound heals and will be rinsing and swapping out the gauze for a while.


Your doctor will usually provide some instructions for aftercare to take with you when you leave from your tooth extraction surgery. Be sure to follow those guidelines closely to avoid future complications. Putting additional strain on the mouth, like using a straw to drink and especially smoking, should be avoided for the first few hours after you have had a tooth extraction.

Be sure to talk to your dentist about each of the topics above so you have a clear understanding of what will happen at your appointment and what you should do leading up to and following a tooth extraction for the best experience possible.

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