Dental Cleanings Come with Major Health Benefits

Going to get your teeth cleaned twice a year at the dentist can seem like a troublesome proposition for many people. Some think teeth cleanings aren’t necessary and others simply have a dental phobia which prevents them from simply sitting in the exam room chair. However, the fact remains that professional dental cleanings don’t just provide you with a clean bill of oral health – cleanings have an effect on other areas of your health.

This fact is backed up by data presented in a recent study of more than 100,000 people. The findings, presented in a story from Science Daily, indicated that the health benefits of dental cleanings have a sharper effect than many may have thought before:

“…those who had their teeth scraped and cleaned (tooth scaling) by a dentist or dental hygienist had a 24 percent lower risk of heart attack and 13 percent lower risk of stroke compared to those who had never had a dental cleaning. The participants were followed for an average of seven years.”

To ensure that the study was completed correctly, half of the participants had cleanings and the other half did not, the article says. The participants were matched as closely as possible in terms of gender and health conditions. Teeth cleanings seemed to have had a major effect on diseases that strike many in their lifetime:

“Professional tooth scaling appears to reduce inflammation-causing bacterial growth that can lead to heart disease or stroke…”

Another study cited showed gum disease as a cause for a number of health issues, such as strokes, congestive heart failure and other serious problems. The link between gum disease and other health problems was strongest with heart attacks:

“Fewer than 21 teeth had a 69 percent increased risk of heart attack compared to those with the most teeth.”

So, if you haven’t gotten your teeth cleaned in the last few years or even decades, it’s never too soon to visit your CT dentist. Your health may depend on it.