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Why Cosmetic Veneers Are Worth It

As New Year’s resolutions swing into high gear, most of us are now focused on loosing those extra pounds and taking better care of ourselves in 2018. Being confident about your appearance goes a long way in helping you to achieve more goals in life. When you are feeling more confident, you may speak up for that promotion, go out on that blind date, or give your best performance.

While finding confidence is a personal journey and one that involves self-love, there are some things you can do to your outer appearance that will give you an immediate boost.

At one time, achieving a pearly white smile was something only celebrities could afford, but today thanks to advancements in technologies and dental procedures, anyone can have a perfectly straight set of teeth.

Cosmetic Veeners

As the name implies, cosmetic veneers are used to improve the superficial appearance of your teeth. They are custom made for each person to match your mouth and resemble natural teeth.

Whether you’ve suffered from years of trying to cover up your smile due to discoloring of your teeth or chips, you can relieve yourself from all of that with these thin porcelain covers that can last up to 20 years with proper care.

More than Beauty

While having beautiful teeth is certainly a great benefit of cosmetic veeners, they are also a great option if you have lots of spaces in your teeth or other issues you’ve been trying to get corrected and haven’t had a solution you’re happy with. Veeners can correct gaps in the mouth that make it difficult to chew certain foods, protect the surface of already damaged teeth, and improve other orthodontic issues.

Great Investment

In addition to the confidence boost cosmetic veeners will bring, the investment in them for the amount of time they last and when considering the cost of other cosmetic procedures today, make it a great choice. If you’ve been lacking in self-confidence because of your teeth, investing in them is a no-brainer. Financing options are also available to ease patients about cost concerns.

At Fried Dentistry in Wallingford, Connecticut, we are ready to help you have teeth that look and feel the way you want.  Our affordable and effective cosmetic veneers will improve your smile and protect your teeth. Interested in learning more? Schedule your visit today!