Dentures vs. Implants: How to Decide What Is Right for You

Many adults in the United States are missing one or more teeth. People can lose teeth because of decay, gum disease, or accidents. Having missing teeth can make people feel self-conscious and can interfere with their ability to enjoy their favorite foods. Fortunately, there are treatments that can restore a person’s smile. Dentures and implants are two of the most common. Each has pros and cons. Here are some facts to help you decide which is right for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dentures

Dentures are inserted and removed as needed. Partial dentures clip onto the teeth next to the missing teeth, and full dentures are attached to the gums with an adhesive. Dentures need to be removed to be brushed and soaked. They can allow you to enjoy your favorite foods and to smile with confidence.

Dentures can help you have a full smile, but they do have some drawbacks. If partial dentures do not fit correctly, the teeth next to them can develop cavities or an infection and may need to be filled or extracted. Full dentures can irritate the gums if they do not fit correctly. Dentures can become damaged or broken if they are dropped.

Dentures are a good choice for someone who has missing teeth but whose jaws or gums are not healthy enough for implants. Dentures last seven to 15 years and then need to be replaced.

Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

Dental implants look like natural teeth and allow a person to chew normally. Titanium posts are inserted in the jawbone in a surgical procedure, and false teeth are attached to the posts. One implant can hold several teeth, so a full mouth of teeth can be replaced with only a few posts. Dental implants are brushed and flossed like natural teeth.

Dental implants cost more than dentures, but they also last longer – up to 20 years with proper care. Implants make it possible to eat all of the foods that could be eaten with natural teeth. Dental implants preserve the jawbone and maintain the patient’s natural facial structure. A person with an implant will not look older the way a person with dentures might. In order to receive dental implants, a patient needs to have a healthy jaw and gums.

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If you are missing one or more teeth, you have treatment options that can help you have a full smile and be able to enjoy the foods you love. If you are concerned about missing teeth, schedule an appointment at Fried Dentistry in Wallingford, Connecticut. We can discuss the pros and cons of dentures and implants and help you decide which option is right for you. Contact Fried Dentistry today to schedule an appointment.