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Dental Implant Basics

Dealing with oral issues can be frightening. Something about the thought of drilling and digging in the mouth area sends most people into a panic. But with the right dentist performing those procedures, the scary thoughts quickly become unjustified.

Benefits of Dental Implants

For those with teeth that may be missing or must be removed, dental implants are a great way to still enjoy eating foods and feeling comfortable with smiling because they replace those missing areas with standard looking teeth that function just like the rest.

If you’re considering dental implants, here is a basic rundown of what’s involved.

The Basics

If you have a tooth that needs to be removed, a periodontist or oral surgeon will first work on that portion of the procedure. Or, if you are already missing a tooth in the area in question, they will move on to the next step which involves taking an impression of the tooth and area to be filled so the new implant will be a good fit.

The following steps, depending on each patient’s specific condition and needs, can take a few hours, weeks or months to go through. Visiting with a professional is the only way to know what will be involved in your case.

When you get a dental implant put in, there are metal posts inserted into your jaw to connect the tooth to your jawbone and gums. The replacement tooth that has been created from the impression to fit the location is then mounted. Over time as the area has time to heal, it will then become stable and in the final steps of the tooth restoration procedure, your dentist will have you come in for an office visit to place the crown over the implant to protect it.

Since these are firmly put in place, they are much more stable feeling than traditional dentures or bridges and make it easier to do things like eat and talk. Each patients experience will differ depending on the unique situation but overall, the steps involved in getting a dental implant are not painful.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry services are a great advantage of modern medicine and are making it possible for more people to continue to have a great smile and use their teeth for longer than ever before. Much of the anxiety around trips to the dentist are based on fears that pain will be intolerable but this just isn’t the case. If you’re ready to get teeth that look and feel great back, give Fried Dentistry a call to schedule an appointment.

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Cosmetic Dentistry is on the Rise. Here’s What You Should Know

People are starting to take better care of their teeth today. They’re going to the dentist more often, paying attention to how their teeth look – both the enamel color and gaps – and they are more open to cosmetic dentistry than in the past.

According to the findings of a new study on the dental implants and prosthetics market, there is an uptick in patients wanting cosmetic dentistry as the aging population increases and as more people are being diagnosed with periodontal diseases. This is expected to grow the market by a CAGR of 8.2 percent and reach $13.32B by 2022.

Are you paying closer attention to your teeth? Here are some points to consider regarding cosmetic dentistry.

Implants & Fillings

Many patients are opting for dental implants to help fill in the gaps created when teeth must be pulled. This isn’t just more visually appealing, but it also prevents other teeth from moving in the mouth or disrupting bite and jaw alignment which can happen over time. The implants are more permanent and connect straight to a patients jawbone and cannot be wiggled around or moved.

In cases where a tooth has only chipped, or decay has been drilled out that must be then filled in, a cosmetic procedure using a tooth colored filling material is bonded to the tooth and cured to create a more natural looking fill. Crowns are also an option when damage occurs. To protect the tooth from further issues, a crown is placed over the tooth that looks as natural as possible alongside your other teeth.

Dentures & Reconstruction

One of the most commonly used cosmetic dentistry procedures is dentures. These custom fabricated teeth are made to fill in gaps where teeth have been removed either partially or fully. Depending on each patients specific needs, a full or partial denture will be created to custom fit their mouth and teeth that is either removable or, using new technology, can even be attached to implants and make these false teeth work just like natural ones.

In more severe cases where both the bottom and top jaw are missing or have decayed teeth, there is also a cosmetic option of full mouth reconstruction. Different techniques are used to help get the mouth back to having a natural, healthy smile that you can bite with.

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In-office teeth whitening services are becoming a go-to for anyone wanting to brighten their smile for a big event, or just for pampering. The Zoom Teeth Whitening system uses a special 25 percent hydrogen peroxide gel that gets activated with a special UV light to whiten the enamel on teeth.

At Fried Dentistry, our highly trained staff ensures you have the best smile possible. Whether you’re looking to whiten your teeth or want fillings that aren’t so noticeable, our cosmetic dentistry services will keep you smiling.

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Why You Should See Your Dentist for Regular Exams and Cleanings

Taking care of your teeth and gums is important not only to have a beautiful smile, but also to maintain your overall health. One critical component of oral care is seeing your dentist for regular exams and cleanings. Many people postpone or skip visits with the dentist if they are not in pain because they think it is not necessary, but that is a mistake. There are several reasons why you should see your dentist for exams and cleanings on a regular basis, even if you do not suspect anything is wrong.

Prevent Gum Disease

Getting regular cleanings can help prevent gum disease. When plaque builds up on teeth and along the gum line, it can lead to periodontal disease. This can cause swelling, bleeding, and eventually tooth loss if it goes untreated. Gum disease has also been linked to problems in other parts of the body that seem unrelated, such as heart disease. Having plaque removed by a dentist can keep your gums healthy and help you maintain your overall health.

Find Cavities Early

You could have a cavity and not even know it. Tooth decay often does not produce any pain until it has progressed to the point that it is severe. At that stage, it may be necessary to have the tooth extracted. Your dentist can spot tooth decay early if you go in for regular exams. If it is treated early, the tooth can be saved and you can avoid pain.

Remove Stains from Teeth

Your teeth can become stained by drinking coffee, tea, or wine; by eating certain foods; by taking certain medications; or by using tobacco. Stains on your teeth can make you feel self-conscious. Regular cleanings can remove surface stains so you can smile with confidence.

Prevent Bad Breath

Gum disease and food trapped between your teeth can cause halitosis, or bad breath. This can be embarrassing, but it can be treated and prevented with good oral hygiene at home and regular professional cleanings.

Detect Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is common and can be deadly if it is not detected and treated early. Your dentist is trained in how to spot the signs of oral cancer. He or she may notice the symptoms during a regular exam, even if you have no reason to suspect anything is wrong. Early detection and treatment could save your life.

Schedule an Exam and Cleaning at Fried Dentistry

Getting regular dental exams and cleanings is critical not only to have a white smile, but also to protect your overall health. Your dentist can detect problems early so they can be treated before they become serious, cause pain, and require surgery or extractions. If you are due for a dental exam and cleaning, schedule an appointment at Fried Dentistry in Wallingford, Connecticut today.