dental floss and paste

Dental care is something most of us have been working on since our younger years. Today we’ve come to understand that keeping our gums and teeth clean and healthy requires more than just brushing them every morning. Awareness around the importance of regular dental visits, brushing between meals and flossing is on the rise.

If you’re good about brushing your teeth but have a hard time sticking to a flossing schedule, here are 3 easy ways to start remembering.

Use What You Like

Thanks to product enhancements, there are options on the market today for flossing your teeth that go beyond the traditional box of minty string that was once only offered. Maybe you hate the taste of mint, or maybe you have issues pulling a whole piece of string through your teeth. There are options today like disposable floss picks that can be used to remove debris from between the teeth that are less “gross” and more convenient for some. If you find you like this method better, pick some up and you may notice yourself flossing more regularly.

Understand the Benefits

For most of us, we’re likely to remember something when it’s attached to a reward or an emotion, like fear. It’s easy to associate both of those with flossing. On one hand there’s the reward that comes from clean, healthy teeth and no embarrassing gross food on display. On the other hand, there’s all of the pain and discomfort that cavities and decaying teeth can potentially bring along. Knowing that you’re putting yourself at risk for the bad side of things by not flossing might just get you into a regular habit of flossing.

Set-Up Reminders

Just like we put alarms on our phones to remember to take medications, make it on time to a meeting, or for a lunch date with a friend, you should schedule time to floss into your reminders. It’s that important. Think about a time that would work best. Perhaps while you’re commuting to work, or after lunch, whatever time is most convenient will be the best option to guarantee you follow through. Set an alarm reminder with a note about oral health and forming good habits to keep yourself accountable.

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