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Oil Pulling & Charcoal Toothpaste: Are Trends Damaging Your Teeth?

The advent of the Internet has been terrific for so many reasons. From access to limitless information, to breaking geographic boundaries and expanded communications. But there are some efforts the Internet can harm rather than help. Take for example trends and fads. Today these spread like wildfire via social media and influencers who swear by D.I.Y tips and tricks to save money and cut corners.

When it comes to your personal health however you should tread lightly with trends and go to a doctor for real advice as this trumps relying on a Pinterest post. Some of the latest fads promising to improve oral health include oil pulling, charcoal toothpaste and more. But are these doing more damage than good when it comes to your teeth?

Let’s take a closer look at 3 trends and that they could be doing to your teeth.

Oil Pulling

What it is: An ancient method of using oil (typically coconut, sold in a jar in solid form) to swish through your mouth.

What it’s supposed to do: Once in your mouth, the solid coconut oil liquefies and supposedly cleans the mouth and teeth of dirt and bacteria around the teeth, whitening teeth and healing other issues in the body like eczema and bad breath.

What it actually does: Experts warn the amount of dirt that’s removed from the teeth using the oil isn’t great enough to make a positive impact – especially when considering complications that can happen if oil gets into your lungs or if people start skipping brushing their teeth altogether because they think the oil pulling cleans better.

Charcoal Toothpaste

What it is: Soaps that include activated charcoal have become popular due to their abrasive ingredient. Everything from facewashes to toothpaste are flying off the shelves.

What it’s supposed to do: Detoxify, cleanse and whiten teeth by removing surface stains.

What it actually does: Used too frequently, there can be damage done to the enamel on your teeth as well as your gums. They also typically skimp on the important fluoride ingredient used in traditional toothpastes to protect from tooth decay.

Morning Health Drinks

What it is: ‘Juicing’ offruits and vegetables, lemon in a cup of hot water and apple cider vinegar shots, are all popular trends many are adding to their morning routines in hopes of better health which they promise to bring.

What it’s supposed to do: Help with digestion, weight loss, cleansing, and numerous benefits when a drink or shot of these concoctions are taken every morning as a routine.

What it actually does: Erode enamel on the teeth, increase tooth sensitivity if used improperly and added sugars going through your mouth when juicing put you at risk for decay.


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What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Have you ever had a dental emergency? The discomfort and scare that set in when you’re eating something and you hear a tooth crunch, or realize a filling has fallen out can be jolting. What’s worse is sharp, thumping pain that suddenly starts in your mouth during the middle of the night. All of these situations can be scary- especially when they catch you off guard.

Dealing with a dental emergency doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some things to do in a dental emergency.

Understand the Problem

If you can visibly see an issue with your teeth, it will be easier to describe your emergency to the dentist. However, in cases where you may be bleeding or in pain, it’s important to decipher whether or not your condition extends beyond dental care and requires medical attention. Typically if you’re unable to breathe, can’t stop bleeding, or make it to the dentist office altogether, this means there’s a bigger issue that would be best addressed in an emergency room or medical visit.

Take Immediate Care

Again, depending on the emergency issue with your teeth, there may be a chance to save it. But you’ll need to act quickly. Rinsing the mouth, keeping it clean, and saving a fallen or broken tooth are all important to think about during an emergency as your dentist may be able to save it under the right conditions.

Schedule an Appointment

The worst thing you can do when an injury of any kind happens, is to ignore it or put off getting help. If you have a dental emergency, you should let you dentist know or call for help from another expert referral (if your dentist office is closed) so you can follow proper instructions on emergency care.

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Why Cosmetic Veneers Are Worth It

As New Year’s resolutions swing into high gear, most of us are now focused on loosing those extra pounds and taking better care of ourselves in 2018. Being confident about your appearance goes a long way in helping you to achieve more goals in life. When you are feeling more confident, you may speak up for that promotion, go out on that blind date, or give your best performance.

While finding confidence is a personal journey and one that involves self-love, there are some things you can do to your outer appearance that will give you an immediate boost.

At one time, achieving a pearly white smile was something only celebrities could afford, but today thanks to advancements in technologies and dental procedures, anyone can have a perfectly straight set of teeth.

Cosmetic Veeners

As the name implies, cosmetic veneers are used to improve the superficial appearance of your teeth. They are custom made for each person to match your mouth and resemble natural teeth.

Whether you’ve suffered from years of trying to cover up your smile due to discoloring of your teeth or chips, you can relieve yourself from all of that with these thin porcelain covers that can last up to 20 years with proper care.

More than Beauty

While having beautiful teeth is certainly a great benefit of cosmetic veeners, they are also a great option if you have lots of spaces in your teeth or other issues you’ve been trying to get corrected and haven’t had a solution you’re happy with. Veeners can correct gaps in the mouth that make it difficult to chew certain foods, protect the surface of already damaged teeth, and improve other orthodontic issues.

Great Investment

In addition to the confidence boost cosmetic veeners will bring, the investment in them for the amount of time they last and when considering the cost of other cosmetic procedures today, make it a great choice. If you’ve been lacking in self-confidence because of your teeth, investing in them is a no-brainer. Financing options are also available to ease patients about cost concerns.

At Fried Dentistry in Wallingford, Connecticut, we are ready to help you have teeth that look and feel the way you want.  Our affordable and effective cosmetic veneers will improve your smile and protect your teeth. Interested in learning more? Schedule your visit today!