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3 Bad Habits to Kick for Better Dental Health

Having healthy teeth is important for more reasons than just a pretty smile. Healthy teeth also make it easier to speak, chew and keep you from experiencing much of the pain cavities and other oral issues bring.

But just brushing your teeth every day isn’t enough. There are some habits that might be harming your oral health which you should consider kicking to the curb quickly for your teeth’s sake and your own well being.


Leading the list because of the many serious health risks associated with it, is the bad habit of smoking. Not only are there cancers and other problems that are proven to result from smoking, but bad breath, yellow teeth and gum disease are also common oral problems you’ll face as a smoker.


junk food

While there is some debate on when is a healthy time to snack throughout the day, choosing those food options wisely is key. Most people are aware to brush their teeth between meals, but depending what you eat as a snack, you might need to add more brushing in to keep decay at bay. Sugars and carbs top the list as the worst choice but even sweet or acidic fruits can bring harm.

Skipping the Floss

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The only way to slow down decay caused by food particles trapped between your teeth is to floss. Many people think simply brushing will remove the buildup from food that’s made its way into and around the teeth but the truth is it only cleans the surface and you cannot forego flossing if you’d like to keep good oral health. In addition, be sure to add regular professional dental cleanings at least twice a year to remove plaque and calculus that have built up on your teeth which regular brushing doesn’t remove.

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