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2 Reasons Your Gums May Be Turning White and What to Do About It

Dealing with dental issues can be scary. Whether your fear stems from a dentist prodding inside your mouth with cold, sharp tools or the thought of having teeth pulled makes you cringe, it’s important to notice changes in your teeth and address them immediately. Oral care is connected to other issues and ailments and are very important when it comes to staying healthy.

If you’ve noticed your gums are looking less pink than normal, it may be an easy fix, or it could be something more complicated.

Here are two reasons you gums may be turning white and what you can do about it right now.

Simple Irritations

Gums can be irritated easily by the chemicals found in whitening kits or the use of products like tobacco and turn white as a result. Another culprit to consider is your diet. Eating foods like breads and sugars and failing to clean your mouth after consumption can lead to the build-up of a white film bacteria along your gum line. Not only is the unattractive to look it, but it also has the potential to harm your teeth and cause decay.

Serious Underlying Health Risk

In addition to being caused by low immune system, gum infection or dental procedure like an extraction, white gums can also point to a more serious issue such a mouth cancer. There are other signs to watch for but white gums is an indicator, especially if you are a tobacco chewer. Don’t let it go without being checked and treated.

What You Can Do Right Now

Set up an appointment with a dentist you trust to have your teeth and gums checked to be sure there isn’t a larger underlying issue requiring attention. You may also want to start being more diligent about keeping your teeth brushed and cleaned. Pay special attention to your gums as you brush to clean them well and be sure to floss.

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